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Saturday, 02. November 2024
Bakrommet, Amtmandens
Doors: 22:30
Show: 23:00


Alternative sources of Afro-punk energy

Kin’Gongolo Kiniata from Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, draw on the frenetic energy of the city’s urban streets to produce their own experimental Afro-punk rumba, somewhere between electro and Congolese rhythms. The band produces their funky grooves with an impressive arsenal of self-made percussion and stringed instruments ingeniously assembled from discarded plastic bottles, metal objects and household items. 

Kin’Gongolo Kiniata’s texts are sung in Lingala, one of the most widely spoken languages in Congo. They are focused on themes such as hope and perseverance. The band tries to spread positive encouragement to Kinshasa’s younger generation, singing tributes to workers, protesting against the war in Congo. The name comes from the sound heard when oil sellers walk the streets during power cuts, carrying the clanging metal containers which provide an alternative source of light: “kingongolo, kingongolo, kingongolo…” 

Since their European debut at Trans Musicales 2022, Kin’Gongolo Kiniata has thrilled audiences in France, Brussels, Switzerland and Portugal throughout 2023. In 2024, they will come to Norway and Tromsø World for the very first time. We are looking forward to hosting one of the most exciting new bands from Congo this year!


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