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Saturday, 04. November 2023
Doors: 18:00
Show: 19:00

Mari Boine is among of the greatest living musicians in Norway. Since the 1980s, she has been an innovator of joik and Sami musical traditions, with a versatile and ceaselessly curious body of work that has brought her into contact with countless different genres and performers. The breakthrough album Gula Gula from 1989 is a watershed album in Sami music and for cultural encounters in Norwegian music in general. It also established Boine as an artist on the global stage. She has been an irrepressible voice of resistance in the discussions about repression and Norwegianization policies, and has received a number of the highest civilian honors in Norway for her work, in addition to four Spellemann awards for her music – the first in 1989, and the last to date, the Honorary Award, in 2017. Mari Boine has performed in Tromsø a number of times before, but this time we get to experience her in a rare intimate duo setting.

Keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft is a powerhouse in Norwegian music. He made his breakthrough in seminal collaborations with Jan Garbarek and Arild Andersen on I took up the runes and Sagn respectively. Since then it has been almost impossible to talk about Norwegian jazz without also talking about Bugge. The project New Conception of Jazz defined the new fusion of club music and jazz in the nineties, and helped to showcase a new generation of musicians who have characterized Norwegian music ever since. Through countless collaborations and the record label Jazzland, he has created new collaborations and currents across the genre landscape. The sub-label OK World, is a new important meeting point between musicians from different cultures in Norway. The Swedish-Norwegian trio Rymden sums up his electro-acoustic curiosity, and is one of the biggest European jazz acts today. At the same time, he thrives in solo and duo settings, which he has shown in successes such as It’s snowing on my piano and a much lauded, long-term collaboration with Sidsel Endresen. The collaboration between Wesseltoft and Boine is in many ways a dream come true – and a new chapter in two unique artistic careers.


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