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31.10.24 – 02.11.24

Tromsø, you are incredible (even in November)!

November is heavy month for Tromsø. It’s starting to get very cold and the darkness is conquering the city. But last week Tromsø, you have been shining like never before!

The second edition of Tromsø World Festival took place between 2. and 4. November in 7 different venues, hosting 17 concerts with artists from 15 different countries.

We witnessed live performances on very high level, energetic atmosphere and extremely satisfying audience. Thanks to all artists that took the trip all the way to the north and to all of you who came at the concerts.

Thanks to all the all technicians, bartenders, ticket sellers in our partner venues – Kulturhuset, Driv, Amtmandens, Bastard Bar, Blårock Caffè, Tvibit and Grab.

Thanks to all financial supporters – Kulturdirektoratet, Samfunnsløftet i SNN1, Sametinget, Innovasjon Norge, Troms og Finnmarks Fylkeskommune and Tromsø Kommune.

Thanks to all partners – iTromsø, Comfort Xpress Hotell, Ung Kulturrabatt, Mack, Fabricca, Rådstua Teaterhus, Vulkana, Hær er æ (Ungdommen fra hele verden), Jansen reklame, Tromsø folkekjøkken, Tromsø jazzklubb, Backbeat, Perspektivet museum.

Thanks to Movement Network – Oslo World, Skien World, Bergen internasjonale musikkfestival and Molde Mundo.

Nothing of this could have happen without the amazing help from our dedicated volunteers and staff. You are fucking AMAZING!

Thanks to Tromsø World, November is turning into a shining month.

See you next year in week 44

Balkan hug from up in north

Vasil Gjuroski
festival director

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