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Thursday, 31. October 2024
Bastard Bar
Doors: 22:00
Show: 23:00


A Peruvian heart meets a motor from Germany

Tromsø World presents the Peruvian DJ and record producer Sofia Kourtesis. Already before her debut album Madres was released last year, Kourtesis was among the fastest rising stars in the electronic world, having graced the cover of Mixmag and appearing on end of year-lists from publications such as Pitchfork, DJ Mag and Spotify. She had also played instant sell-out shows at London’s Lafayette and Manchester’s YES as well as performances at Glastonbury and Primavera, to mention but a few highlights. Part of what has always made Kourtesis’ music unique is the melding of her Berlin home and her South American upbringing. Ideas often appear during travels, the bright, breezy technicolour of Peru combining with the clubbier, more driven elements of her life in Berlin. As she puts it, “my heart is very Latin American, but my motor is German”. 

Kourtesis moved to Berlin as a teenager to escape. Having been kicked out of school for kissing a girl, she was sent to conversion therapy. Despite support from her family, she finally fled to Germany. In Berlin, the newfound freedom came out through her music while she embraced her role as an activist. Already recognized as a rare talent in the world of electronic music, Kourtesis is also a staunch campaigner for gender equality, protection of queer people and access to safe abortions in Peru. 


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